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So for this Wonder Trade Wednesday, since I missed three weeks in a row, I'm going to dump in three full boxes of Pokemon! The first box is half-Ninetales and half-Floettes. The second box is full of Leavanny, and the third box is full of Lopunny.

So all of the Floettes have five perfect IVs and the sixth is nearly perfect. None of them are missing their Sp. Atk or Defence stat, because I released all the ones that did miss those stats when I was breeding, as those are the two most important stats for that Pokemon. The Floette are all named after shades of red, because they're all red-flower ones.

The Ninetales all have at least one perfect IV (and no more than 4) and most of them know a specific set of moves (Hex, Hypnosis, Energy Ball, and Heat Wave), and the ones that don't are the ones that I being a silly person evolved too early or did not breed with those specific moves. They all have fiery names.

The Lopunny and the Leavanny all kind of lack in the IV department because, well, I forgot to breed for those when it came to them because, like I said, I am a silly person. Also I was breeding to see if I could hatch a shiny with the Masuda method (I didn't) and forgot to check my PC for foreign Pokemon with good IVs that could breed and blah blah blah I'm an idiot. The Lopunny are all named after fictional rabbits and the Leavanny after famous fashion designers and brands.

By the way, Swadloon sounds like a Cactaur and looks like my friend (by her own admission).

I really hope these go over well, because of how many Heart Scales I blew on the Lopunny and Leavanny so they can know Bounce/Healing Wish and Grass Whistle respectively. I KIND OF REGRET HEALING WISH because I mixed it up with Wish and wasn't reading. I might go fish for Heart Scales (using Thief like a decent person) so I can fix that and re-teach Foresight so Lopunny can be useful against Ghost-types and those with high evasiveness.


So the best thing I'm going to get today is from a lass named Mimi, which is a Serperior named Slytherin. IT'S NAME IS SLYTHERIN. I don't even care that it's 6IV, shiny, Hidden Ability. IT'S NAME IS SLYTHERIN MIMI YOU ROCK AND I DESIRE TO BE YOUR FRIEND. I'm sad you got one of my Ninetales that has only 4IV (but at least Cinnamon has a name unlike the first one I traded cuz I didn't breed her~), I wish I could have given you one of my 5-IV Floette instead, or at least my Ninetales named Firebolt. I don't have anything shiny to trade this time. I would if I'd hatched a shiny in my Lopunny or Leavanny batch, though. The Serperior actually just made me smile a lot for its name.

I'm going to breed for IVs, Egg Moves (which the Ninetales had), and Hidden Abilities for next Wednesday and put in a rarer Pokemon if I can, this week was a bit rushy as I prepped two full boxes. I just have to pick what it's going to be. Something both cool and uncommon, I think, but not too hard to level.

Towards the end of my Floette/Ninetales box (start of the second-to-last row), I got an Italian Unown. That's cool, always cool to get those for collecting stuff. Different letter than I already have. Got a Hidden Ability Japanese Torchic in my next trade which is cool because it's adorable even though when it evolves it's one ugly thing. And I don't just mean Food Mascot Combusken. Blaziken is also a potato-faced thing. Torchic is adorable though.


And here goes my last Floette. To Matthew in Georgia and... I got Bulbasaur! I like Bulbasaur.

I'll take a bit of a break before moving on to my second box.
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