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So I finally decided to do a Pokemon Nuzlocke. Which is intimidating to say the least, but I'm doing it anyway.

I'm doing my rules a little differently than the standard. The one core rule I'm not going to do is the "catch only the first Pokemon in each new area you see".

Core rules:
- If a Pokemon faints, it is dead and I must store it in the box forever and ever. I'm not releasing them, just storing them.
- I must nickname all my Pokemon.
- If I black/white out then I have failed, even if I still have Pokemon in the PC that aren't dead.
- I can use Pokemon I get free from NPCs (such as Panpour) but I can't trade.
- No resetting if things go bad. That's cheatering.

My rules:
- I can only catch Pokemon whose typing I do not have in my party already.
- I must catch the first Pokemon of a typing I lack that I see.
- I can, however, catch a dual-type Pokemon if one half of its typing is not one I currently have with me, regardless of if it's primary or secondary
- Inversely, if I have a dual-type Pokemon (such as Woobat) and I see a single-type Pokemon, I can only catch it IF and only IF, it is of the secondary typing (meaning I can't catch any Psychic Pokemon if I have Woobat with me, but I can catch Flying types).
- I also am not allowed to double-up on typing in my party at once, meaning I can't have both Woobat and Munna.
- I must use my dual-types as soon as I get them if I have a single-type Pokemon in my party.
- I must use dual-types in my party until I run out of them.
- If I have six dual-types and two of them share some typing, I can only have a party of five.
- I cannot go back to an route to catch Pokemon after I put one in the box to free up a typing slot (ie, I can't decide I want Pidove when I get to Route 3 and then go back and put away my Lillipup or my Woobat to free up the normal and flying slots. I have to catch Blitzle).
- Once I enter a new area, I have to base my new Pokemon on my current team, even if that means I can't catch anything new.
- I can still catch Shiny Pokemon, regardless of typing.
- If I white out, I have to start over at the last gym I beat (this is a semi-official optional rule I think)

Might add more to this list later. Essentially, I have to use dual-types if I have them and I can't double up on typing. I'm allowed to have single-types in my party, but only if I'm really lacking in dual-types (once I have six dual-types, I have to use those six. If one dies, then I can use a single-type). Under the third and fourth rules, I can still catch some Pokemon (like I was able to catch Woobat despite having Munna) but I can't use them together. 

I wish I'd recorded this, but I'm still fine-tuning the rules as I train up a bit because heh, I don't want anyone to die. Maybe when I finish with this Nuzlocke, I'll do that. Though I doubt anyone cares...

As of now, my party consists of 5 single-type Pokemon and 1 dual-type. I've caught 7 Pokemon so far:
Snivy {Mikumo} (Grass)
Lillipup {Mia} (Normal)
Purrloin {Kay} (Dark)
Panpour {Souta} (Water)
Munna {Cammy} (Psychic) - ** Currently at the Day Care **
Woobat {Rhoda} (Psychic/Flying)
Blitzle {Damon} (Electric)

There is a trend with my naming scheme, too. And yes, my Snivy is female. All my Pokemon except Panpour and Blitzle are. I'm also playing as a dude this time, named Haedes. My spelling, because I kept hitting the E before the D so I just kept it after the third time or so failing to move the cursor over.
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