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Brain Twinkies being extremely bad literature, emphasis on fanfiction, that is something like So Bad, It's Good or you just can't stop reading it even though you know it's really bad for you. Cleolinda Jones (sort of) coined the name I've given the fics (Brain Twinkies) by comparing Twilight to Twinkies thusly:

"A lot of people are really passionate about these books. Some of them love and defend them passionately; others... well. I'm not going to defend them any more than I'm going to defend Twinkies—you go and get yourself a Twinkie when you have a very specific kind of craving SUGARRRRR!. If you want gourmet pastry, or even a homemade cake, you know where to get that. If you're eating a Twinkie, you clearly know what you want and why you're eating it, and you know that it's not good to eat very many of them, but... you know... sometimes you just want one. And then when you're done you read it all over again. Apparently there are people who think that Twinkies count as fine dining, but... well, live and let live, I guess."

I have a problem where I just can't stop reading Brain Twinkies. Like... My Immortal and Thirty H's, which are "Harry Potter fics" and legolas by laura. I just started My Inner Life('s dramatic reading by manwithoutabody of the Zelda fic). I went to TV Tropes to see if these was anything else I could read and I'm not sure what to do because these are seriously frightening me:

"A Raptor's Lust, an erotic fanfic starring Lara Croft and a velociraptor." (this being the first line you see on opening the 'Video Games' tab under Fanfiction on TV Tropes' 'So Bad It's Good' page

"Harry Potter, Gay Demon, a fanfic about how Harry wakes up one day looking incredibly sexy. He then proceeds to have sex with anything from Sirius in dog form to all five Weasly brothers at once. He somehow winds up being Hogwarts' (and, namely, Draco's) Sex Slave. Notable for the massive cock sizes, absurd amounts of semen, emphasis on Harry's 'man-pussy'."

"Winnie The Pooh Assimilated By The Borg. A Crack Fic of the highest order. The Borg invade the Hundred Acre Wood, murdering Rabbit before assimilating Pooh. The rest of the story consists of Pooh of Borg assimilating or murdering everyone, eventually ending with the entire cast part of the Collective or dead. Should be terrible, but the sheer over-the-top nature (Pooh of Borg kills Piglet over not sharing his honey) elevates it to this level."

"Phoenix White: Justifications of Justice! is a Phoenix Wright fanfic involving Phoenix Wright taking over Mr. White's position as the president of Blue Corp, and ending up on trial after trying to resurrect Mia Fey. The concepts are absolutely laughable and ridiculous, but the icing on the cake is the ending where it's revealed that Phoenix Wright is actually a mouse, and the entire Phoenix Wright universe was something he imagined when he was eaten by a cat and went to heaven."

and still others but these are the four that actually made me say "what" aloud. And so did this one, which keeps the links:

Here is a (NSFW) Thomas the Tank Engine Lemon Fic. You read that right. TRAINS (specifically Thomas and Rosey) HAVING SEX. How is this acomplished? Apparently steam valves are exactly the same as genitalia. Making it even worse, is the fact that the author treated it 100% seriously, and used gushy romantic language to describe something that's anything but.
I need help for my addiction to this stupid shit.

It's like...

I can't stop reading them, no matter what kind of content they have. I just NEED this terribad stuff in my life. And Twinkies aren't even a good comparison, I'm just borrowing it, because I don't like Twinkies.

Back to my new Brain Twinkie.
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